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The Consequences of Peace

Peace has, for the longest time, been pigeonholed as a state which establishes tranquility and freedom from dismal disruptions. It is vividly seen that peace is the craving of every human heart. Every individual is a part of the race to achieve and attain peace and remain at sanity in the prevalent conflicts of the world.

However, when looked from a deep perspective, it is poignantly reflected that peace can be a contributor to utter devastation, at the same time, being the reason of stagnation for a nation and the world, as a whole.

A nation is highly supported by its armed forces, navy and airforce. In the presence of peace, the military-industrial complex is likely to get dampened. It is crucial to understand that military expenditure has, since time immemorial, been a useful tool to improve and increase public spending, thereby helping the economy to grow at times of grave recessions. Therefore, peace will eventually lead to the fall out of the ammunition industry to a huge extent, bringing down the defence budgets to zero. Hence, all military-run economies shall come to a halt.

Don't you feel past conflicts and contingencies have made all of us more aware and understanding of the upcoming uncertainties and challenging times? Don't you believe that wars fought in the ancient times are the reasons for the inherent nationalism and sense of belongingness to our State? Have you never glorified the great Chandragupta Maurya or King Ashoka? The answer to all these questions is a big YES.

Wars have had extremely miraculous and wonderful effects on the world since ages.

The technology used in a nation gets sped up due to outbreak of wars. The parties to a war indulge in extensive research to produce exquisitely advanced weapons and ammunitions in order to win the battle. This means that due to wars, technological advancement would take place at a disproportionately high pace which will benefit future generations as well.

Wars bring out the brave from the mob. It gives a direction to the courageous ones and provides them a path to establish themselves as heroes.

As we're well aware that it was war that brought an end to the evil Fascism dictatorship in Europe, it was war that heavily challenged British Rule in India, it was war that largely helped people regain their estate and live with the same standards. Did peace or even the thought of peace even one percent have a sudden impact ever? Let's ponder!

Peace, although seems to be a quiet, sensitive and worth longing for phenomenon, it has dire consequences. Peace ceases the progress of a nation. The economic structure and social framework along with civilization gets heavily dismantled.

Thereby, it is on us to comprehend that peace can never be a reason for an individual, organization, society or nation to outshine others. Instead, it is wars and battle that can help us do that and make a mark in the world and bring about a revolutionary impact and change in this world.

- Authored by Yash Sahu

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