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Shri Ram Consulting And Consulting Centre (SRCRC) has been actively working with firms across the country on various live projects. We have produced outstanding results through some of the best minds in the country with varied industry experience and expertise.

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Woven Habitat

Social organization operating primarily in the field of rural literacy. It designs training programmes for students and teachers from the backward districts of India.


Woven Habitat

Woven Habitat is an emerging startup in the jute industry working towards changing the consumption habits into environment friendly products and sustainable living.

Woven Habitat 

Woven Habitat

The Startup Labs help startups to initiate, progress, and to plant their roots deep in the market by supporting them from day one.

The Startup Labs

Sapphire International School

Sapphire International School runs schools and pre-schools across Delhi NCR.

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Vishalakshi Foundation

NPO which aims to do something for the underprivileged children living in unimaginable , subhuman conditions.

  • Workforce expansion by hiring interns

  • Generation of alternate source of revenue via corporate partnerships and crowdfunding

  • Devising outreach strategy to boost social media presence

Lotus Petal

An NPO which helps children in the urban slums of India lead better lives and get access to quality education and healthcare. It has benefited 7,800 children & adults and its programs adhere to the SDGs set up by the UN.

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